Working Together For Older People Projects

The Working Together for Older People (WTfOP) Projects are led by Age Concern Chesterfield and District, working in partnership with Chesterfield Time Bank.

The Bolsover WTfOP Project is financed by the Bolsover Partnership and began in April 2016 and initially covered the areas of Barlborough, Bolsover, Clowne, Creswell, Elmton, Hodthorpe and Whitwell. In April, 2018 funding was approved to extend the project for a further 12 months, until March, 2019. The Bolsover now has a much wider reach as it also now covers Shirebrook, Langwith Junction, Langwith, Whaley Thorns, Scarcliffe, Palterton, New Houghton, Pleasley, Glapwell and Doe Lea.

The North East Derbyshire WTfOP Project is financed by Healthy North East Derbyshire Partnership and covers the whole of the North East Derbyshire District.

The aim and objective of both the WTfOP Projects is to increase social opportunities and quality of life for older people.

Working together for older people

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What is WTfOP?

The Bolsover WTfOP Project is now well and truly into its third year and has been incredibly successful, exceeding all the targets which our funders set.

Beneficiaries of the Bolsover WTfOP Project, in the main, are those who do not have the ability to travel independently, use some type of mobility aid or are impaired by other limiting health conditions or sensory impairments. Accessible door to door transport, provided by the project by Community Transport Providers has been essential in enabling engagement with these older people who are most likely to be at risk of social isolation.

Despite the North East Derbyshire WTfOP Project being in its infancy, the response from older people's groups and clubs has been incredibly positive.

The projects provide:

  • Support to individual groups
  • Meetings for Group leaders
  • A wide range of subsidised activities and outings (Bolsover WTfOP Project only)
  • Working with other organisations to provide new activities and connections

Working together for older people


5 Ways to Wellbeing

Watch a series of 5 short videos; one video follows on from the other and they cover, individually, the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Working together for older people


Spend time developing and nurturing relationships with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Befriending services can help support you if you are feeling lonely and isolated, find out more about befriending services in Chesterfield.

Be active

Try to find an activity that you enjoy, and that keeps you active, such as walking, swimming, cycling or playing football. Evidence shows that an improvement in your physical health can help improve your mental health. Take a look at our Older People's Clubs page.

Keep learning

Learning new skills can boost confidence and give you a sense of achievement.

Give to others

Helping others, saying thank you, or giving someone a smile can help to improve your self-esteem and improve your emotional health. Find out how you can volunteer and help in your community, build up new social networks, and gain experience if you're looking for a job.

Take notice

Being more aware of the present moment, the world around you and your own feelings and thoughts, can help you to positively change how you're feeling about life. NHS Choices has created Moodzone, the mood self-assessment questionnaire designed to recommend ways and resources to help you better understand how you feel.


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